Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy 35th to the 6502!

Ad for the 6502 at WESCON, San Francisco, September 16-19, 1975.


  1. Thanx for this project. I always wondered of it possible to monitor the 6502 schematics while operating. You made my day. Nevertheless I'm curious if you found the 8th Bit in the Statusregister ;) (NV-BDIZC)

  2. That good-old friend the 6502, exactly as old as I am (I'm from 1975-09-12). What an ultra-cool project. It's something you think of as theoretically maybe feasible, but you just did it!
    I had an *analogue* pong as my first "TV game". You kept the scores manually. I opened it once and discovered only resistors, a few capacitors and maybe a handful of transistors. I'm not sure if that has survived, I'll make pictures if I find it.

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