Thursday, December 29, 2011

250,000 unique visitors - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!
I'm happy to report that has now had over a quarter of a million unique visitors!  The site has served just over 2 TB of die shot imagery and simulation data in its 15 months on the web.  We've been quiet lately, but behind the scenes there's an ever-growing buzz of activity thanks to several new folks studying chips and contributing polygons.  Their work is trickling out on our wiki, various other websites (which we really need to summarize and link to.  Check the wiki!), and in some retro computing forums.  In the New Year, we have a few fun appearances in the media lined up, and we hope to tell you a bit more about our part in two very exciting collaborations.
We expect to have new decaps and die shots in a month or so (our lab wizard is focused on his first kid, born just after Thanksgiving!), and we'll be gradually working our way through the inventory of over 200 chips sent in by donors.  Thank you donors!  We've decapped over 100 of these so far, though the die shots and de-layering (a very delicate process) will take quite a while longer to complete.
It's looking to be a great year!