Thursday, February 3, 2011

But Wait... There's More!

We're very happy to have received several notable chips from donors and a bit of money to help process them. This has allowed us to tune and greatly improve the de-packaging chemistry and cleaning methods at a local lab, and we've just begun to post the results. The process and turnaround has become so good that we've now de-packaged 19 plastic-encased chips, most of these in just the last two weeks. This is in addition to about 10 ceramic sandwich or metal-capped chips that we've de-packaged with mechanical, not chemical, methods. Hopefully we'll find a bit of time to write about this on our site.
For now, allow us to present:
Our largest chip, the Motorola 68000
Our tiniest but most colorful chip, the Nintendo 3193A
The three voices of the Commodore 8580 SID
The loopy concentric transistors of the RCA 1802
And finally, for Valentine's Day, the lovely pink MOS 6522

Now, to start de-layering and vectorizing!